Looking for a CAD drafting service?

Our drafting service specializes in producing construction drawings (or building plans) for your project.  The construction documents communicate to the building department, the contractor, and any subcontractors what to bid and build. If drafting of the plans meet the proper standards, a building permit is easily obtained and construction proceeds smoothly and efficiently. If the CAD drafting is garbled, sloppy, inconcise, or missing important information, problems will escalate from the start.  And drafting problems lead to increased construction costs.

Our experienced drafters specialize in being familiar with current building codes and expectations of the California planning and building departments.  The goal of our drafting is to provide clean, neat, concise drawings; which makes reading the plans and using them much easier for the contractor.    From concept design to construction, our clients benefit from the experience and expertise of our designers while saving construction costs.


  • Avoid Construction Problems

  • Reduces Construction Costs

  • Good Design and Layouts

  • Ensures Good Construction Methods

  • Adequate Lighting, Parking, & Flow Patterns

CAD Drafting Service

If this is your first time building or remodeling, we encourage you to be very cautious regarding the decision to hire a designer.  Some contractors imply that some major decisions can be left to the construction phase.  While true in some cases, there is no substitute for a well thought out design.  Change orders are expensive to the owner, and in some cases, the contractor will benefit from field changes.

Our designers highly recommend that appropriate funds be dedicated to the design and documentation process, as these lay the ground work for the entire project.