The International Building Code, or IBC, is the code to which all structures must comply. If the proposed design for your project does not meet the provision for “light frame” construction, the building department will require that an engineer perform an analysis on the building. The engineer must establish the maximum potential loads that may be applied laterally (seismic & wind) and vertically (gravity) and design the building to resist these loads. He/she also ensures that the structure is safe and will protect you and your family during a disaster.

If you do not know any engineers and are not familiar with this process, there’s no need to be concerned. We only work with the best engineers available, those who are conscientious, have good business sense, and have reasonable rates rates.

Although Architectural Services does not provide engineering services directly through our company, we would be happy to assist you in locating a licensed engineer that would be qualified to complete your project. We can even coordinate with them to streamline the design and drafting process.

What Structural Engineers Provideengineering_1

  • Knowledge of common construction materials such as steel, concrete, wood and masonry
  • Determination of lateral forces, such as wind and seismic, and expertise regarding the structural analysis and design of structures.
  • Selection of framing systems and recommendations for construction and economic feasibility.
  • Assessments of building safety. Construction coordination and preparation of plans, calculations specifications and reports.