In times past, some of our clients have felt that they could save money by purchasing pre-drawn plans via magazines or online websites. These websites offer many different designs and give the impression that their plans are guaranteed.

In some areas, the building codes are universal across several states. But in our area, we find that this state requires specific notes & details to meet such requirements. You may choose to purchase pre-drawn plans, but we must inform you that modifications will likely be required by local building departments, unless the plan was previously drawn by us.

In addition, most online plan companies do not list the cost for modifications. The reason is obvious, so be very careful.

We prefer to work with design ideas and sketches you come up with as the client. Our qualified designer will be able to get the general design concept of your home simply by providing this sketch. From there, we can create a custom design to meet your needs and save you any added unnecessary costs.

We do, however, recommend that you browse the online and printed resources of these pre-drawn plan companies, such as, to develop the concept of your home. Research the plans they provide and it will help you determine your own preferences in the design of your new home. Then our qualified designers can put together a plan that is customized for your needs.

You may use the links below to search plan databases for plan features that appeal to your needs & wants.  Provide us the plan numbers, and we will create a custom, unique plan just for you!


    Use the links below to browse thousands of plans.