The Design and Drafting Fees for our services are very reasonable. Fees are usually based on the square foot of the project and range between $1/sf to $3.00/sf, depending on the complexity of the project. These fees reflect the quality of our work, not a high profit margin. We spend more time and effort to ensure accuracy and quality than the competition. You will be quoted an estimated fee before you sign our contract.


How do we design for free?

Most of our clients love us at the end of the project because they did not “technically” pay for our services. How is this done?

On most projects, we are able to save you enough money to cover our fees by suggesting alternative designs and methods of construction to accomplish the same end result… but costing you much less.

For example, one client wanted a covered patio at the rear of his home, but he could not afford the posts, beams, concrete footings, and labor to install it. So we simply suggested that he use “cantilevered trusses”, which do not require support beams or posts, etc. This suggestion saved him more money than our services cost him, and he still got what he wanted: a beautiful patio.

Typically, we make up for the cost of our services by saving you money during construction through design modifications. This means that if you had gone to a drafter and had him draft your plans without considering the design, you would have paid less for the plans, but more for the project overall due to poor design often featured on pre-drawn plans in plan books.

Current Fees*

Design Rate

  • Design Service: $75/hr.

Residential Drafting Rate

  • Single Story, Slab Foundation: $1.35/sf
  • Single Story, Raised Foundation: $1.60/sf
  • Two Story, Slab Foundation: $1.65/sf
  • Two Story, Raised Foundation: $1.95/sf

Commercial Drafting Rate

  • Commercial Drafting Varies per project.

Energy Rate

  • Energy Efficient Design: $0.35/sf
  • Energy Calculations: $0.15/sf
  • ACCA Manual D Duct Design: $0.50/sf


  • Varies, Contract directly with engineers only.

*All fees based on a trussed roof and only represent the base fee for drafting & design services. Additional fees may be required for your particular project.  Contact us for a free quote.